Best Budget Gaming Laptops in Nepal

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What are the best budget gaming laptops in Nepal?

As time progresses, the number of high-end games keeps rising, with many gamers waiting to get their hands on gaming computers. However, these gaming computers’ price tags are generally high. Fortunately, the industries for these devices also keep pumping up affordable gaming computers that have remained very popular among the general public.

In the context of Nepal, budget gaming laptops have become very popular. For a fair reason too. These budget laptops will not only satisfy gamers but also save them from being bankrupt. Here we list some of the better gaming laptops you should consider.

Such laptops are not ranked in any specific order and are based on personal opinions.

1. Acer Nitro 5

Acer Nitro 5 has been in the market for a few years. These laptops get upgraded every year and are released to the public. There isn’t anything that flashy about the Acer Nitro 5, but it’s dependable.

Acer Nitro 5

The Nitro 5 comes in a plastic body with a bit of shine. However, the plastic body is not that bad and has a decent build; it’s alright. In conclusion, it’s wobbly, but you will only notice it occasionally while using it normally. It is bulky but portable.

Even at just i5 10th gen, the laptop comes with a crisp 144 Hz refresh rate. The higher the refresh rate you have, the smoother the visuals on the screen become. So display-wise, there isn’t much to worry about.

Configurations for the laptop start from 10 gen i5 to 12 gen or Ryzen 5 onwards. Base variants of the computer are okay but could be better. Nitro 5 also has a 720p front camera and not the best speakers. But hey, a plus point, it has an RGB keyboard. RGB keyboards are the defining traits of a gaming laptop.

Port placement-wise, Nitro 5 has included HDMI, a charging port, and thunderbolt four on the back, with side ports for headphones, ethernet, and three USB ones. The number of ports or their types also depends on the model of the Acer Nitro you are getting.

If we look at the battery, it runs anywhere between 4-6 hours without charge. Gaming laptops aren’t battery efficient and run best when plugged in charge anyways. Not the worst aspect of a gaming laptop.

Prices for the laptop start from one lakh onwards, reaching up to two lakhs. If you’re tight on budget, expect to spend around 1 lakh for a decent gaming laptop. If you wish to avoid putting a dent in your wallet, Acer Nitro 5 is a suitable option.

Rating: 4/5

A solid choice for budget gamers or your first buy. Acer Nitro 5 will satisfy your gaming needs.

2. Lenovo Legion 5

Lenovo Legion 5 remains one of the best mid-range gaming laptops in the gaming market. Legion 5 remains in the top echelon for the best budget gaming laptops in Nepal. After buying the laptop, you will realize that the Legion 5 is a keeper and worth every penny. 

Legion 5

Legion comes in an aluminium lid and an overall plastic body. While the laptop isn’t fully aluminium, you won’t notice much difference. Overall, a sound body. 

One downside to Legion 5 is its display. No, the display and colour vibrancy is alright, but the laptop comes with a 120 Hz refresh rate. This isn’t the worst thing but a little bummer. However, the higher range models for the computer come with a 165 Hz refresh rate. 

The lowest configuration you will Legion 5 is Ryzen 5 onwards and 8th Gen Intel processors. 8th Gen could be better in the current trend so go for a little higher. Gaming laptops don’t have the best cameras, and Legion 5 is no different. Microphones? Best go for a separate buy.

Most of Legion 5’s ports are lined at its back with a LAN connector, two USB Type-A ports, and a type-C port. Mounted on the side, we have a Type-C port, an audio jack, and a Type-A port. The laptop is also fitted with a switch to disable the camera for privacy physically. 

Using the laptop will easily give you more than 5 hours of battery life. It is best plugged in when playing games or using extensive CPU applications. 

Pricing for Lenovo Legion 5 in Nepal starts around one lakh ten thousand (NRP 1,10,000) and can go up to two lakh above. Legion 5 is the bang for the buck and is worth buying. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Great build, has RGB keyboards, and will definitely last you long.

3. HP Victus 15

HP’s gaming series of Victus 15 is also a good choice for budget gaming enthusiasts. Victus is the latest lineup of budget gaming laptops introduced in the market last year. 

HP Victus 15

Victus 15 is a decently heavy laptop weighing around 2.3 kg. Not the worst design in the world, but its plastic build makes it fingerprint-prone. 

Display-wise, the laptop comes with a 144Hz refresh rate screen. The computer has an average display at its best with a mediocre brightness level.  

Base configurations for the laptop can be found with 12-generation Intel processors, which are very good. Many laptops are found with GTX 1650 GPU. GTX 3050 is a better GPU that people can see at a similar range for better performance. 

The laptop also has mid-level speakers, so do not expect complete immersion. Bass for the speakers is also nearly nonexistent. The computer also has a good battery life of around 4 hours, taking around an hour and a half to fully charge up. 

The overall utility of the laptop has significantly been budgeted for its performance. The built-in camera for the computer comes at 720p resolution. But the computer has good microphones and picks up audio nicely. 

Rating: 3.5/5

And no, unfortunately, the Victus 15 does not come with RGB keyboards. A true letdown for a gamer. 

4. Ripple Nova

A laptop brand only a few have heard of, Ripple is a Nepali-based laptop distributor. Ripple imports laptop hardware and accessories from abroad and assembles them in Nepal. The laptops are competitively priced. 

Ripple Nova

Moving to design aspects, the laptop has a metallic lid and a plastic body. It has a good look and looks elegant enough—a fair design for a good laptop. 

Another big plus point is Nova’s lightweight hardware. The laptop weighs only around 1.9 kilograms, the lowest in the entire list. So it is portable and easy to fit in your bag. 

Ripple Nova comes with a 144 Hz screen with a sound colour palette. Your display and gaming on the laptop will be smooth and vibrant. 

Configuration-wise, the laptop comes with a base variant of a 144 Hz Screen, 3050 Ti GPU, 12 generation i5, and 8 GB Ram. This is an excellent laptop for any content creator or gamer. Nova has a dual fan 3rd Gen XCooling system that can be heard when playing but isn’t that troublesome. 

Only some things can be best in a budget gaming laptop. The biggest downside of this laptop is its battery life. The Ripple Nova’s battery life is only a mere 1.5ish hours which is a big letdown. While users cannot blame gaming laptops for their low battery life, Nova disappoints even more. 

Ripple Nova Laptops are fully customizable and start from around 1.35 lakhs and can go up to 1.7 lakhs for their maximum configuration. 

Rating: 4/5

An excellent laptop, but the battery is a letdown. A very close winner for the Best budget gaming laptops in Nepal. (if you consider 1 lakh 45 thousand to be budget friendly)

With newer generation chipsets and hardware being released, many laptops are available in the market. We have listed some of Nepal’s best-budget gaming laptops for the current market.

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