Best +2 Management Colleges in Nepal

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Looking for the Best +2 Management Colleges in Nepal?

The goal of the plus two in management course is to provide a solid foundation in management studies. Students will benefit from being able to choose whatever areas of business management studies would interest them in undergraduate programs once they have learned to become competent, confident, and academically sound in their field of study. The faculty provides courses in business management, business administration, hotel management, and travel and tourism management that are intended to provide both a theoretical basis and practical expertise.

Note: The following list is done in no specific order.

1. Global College of Management

global college of management logo

Global College of Management is housed in top-notch campus structures and is situated on 16 Ropani of prime city real estate in Baneshwor, Kathmandu. In a physically and technologically advanced setting, GCM offers a +2 Management curriculum that combines a number of skill-development programs.

GCM has a skilled team of faculty members who are not only well-versed in the discipline’s theoretical underpinnings of management but also deeply trained in student-centric models. The college has canteens, a library, and reading lounges with transportation facilities. The college also has scholarship schemes.

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2. Ace Higher Secondary School

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Established in 1999 Ace has developed into one of the greatest organizations in the nation for management education. Since its founding in 1999 and decades of existence, the college has established itself as a premier institution that is putting its goal of increasing the ability of people and institutions in Nepal to contribute to the development of the country into practice.

Experts in the business and management fields from a variety of sectors are frequently asked to meet with the students and share their knowledge, skills, and expertise. The college is well facilitated with the proper equipment and experienced staff members.

The college believes in assuming responsibility and self regulate learning. It believes in avoiding intellectual arrogance and challenging oneself rather than others.

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3. NCCS Higher Secondary School

NCCS college logo

The National College of Computer Studies (NCCS), a college of IT and management with a strong focus on professionalism, was founded in Kathmandu in 1999. It is made up of multifaceted experts regarded as the best in the field.  NCCS offers students fantastic chances to pursue a college education.

Students at NCCS are prepared for greater difficulties in the future through various sports and intercollege activities. The college aims to develop a conscious society trying to create a better and more promising future for everyone, a literate society with a goal, and a forward-thinking society with ideas.

NCCS has a cafeteria, library, transportation facilities, recreational areas, and computer labs. The college offers merit-based scholarships where students can get them.

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  • 01-14251711, 01-4228807, 01-4267866,  01-4268221
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  • Paknajol Marg, Kathmandu

4. Kathmandu Model College

Kathmandu model secondary school logo

KMSS is located in Bagbazar in the center of Kathmandu. The college is a renowned and well-respected academic center for students looking for the best higher education available in Nepal. Since its founding in the year 2000 A.D, KMSS has established a position for itself at the top of the list of the best +2 schools in the nation.

Since KMC’s founding, the faculty of management has been established. An in-depth understanding of management at every level is the main objective of the Faculty of Management. KMSS seeks to instill discipline, nurture decency, inculcate moral values, and kindle a fervor and ardor for learning. The college is dedicated to elevating the academic standards of the students while preserving the historical tradition of academic success.

The college is well facilitated with its computer labs, state-of-the-art infrastructures outfitted with ultra-modern technology, and seasoned faculty members rich in industry experience. KMC also has scholarship programs and special schemes for government school students.

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5. Uniglobe College

uniglobe college logo

Uniglobe college is located in the center of the capital. The college was founded with the mission of assisting the country in making a huge jump in the global scenario while being supervised and managed for top-quality education.

The college was founded by a team of academics with extensive expertise driven to make a difference in the establishment of Nepal’s time-demanded educational institutions with a unique identity supporting the organization.  The best learning environment is complemented by the flawlessly constructed buildings, distinctive and appealing interior ambiances, and most attractive on-site amenities.

The college is well facilitated with state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment with a canteen, play areas, library, computer lab, and auditorium. Attractive scholarship programs are also available to academically bright students. Scholarship schemes are also available for the needy and financially poor groups according to government provisions.

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  • 01-5321875, 01-5320722, 01-5351409
  • Visit College Website
  • Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Note: Scholarship programs for any colleges do not last for a year. They last for an exam session. Failure to reach the given GPA criteria for a scholarship will result in the reduction of your scholarship.

The above-listed colleges are ranked at the top for their academics and facilities. The colleges are not listed in any specific order nor they are endorsed by any colleges. Any new or existing college can place itself the Best +2 Management Colleges in Nepal.

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