Best Momo Places In Kathmandu

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It’s cheap, it’s delicious, and it’s healthy (well hopefully). A staple of the Nepalese food menu, Momo is the food dish loved by all. Small dough balls full of the juicy and flavourful taste of the mixed spices, veggies, and meat all come together very well.

Should you have momo? This is a rhetorical question that doesn’t need to be answered. Compiling a few of the best momo places in Kathmandu, you’ll know good food necessarily isn’t found in lavish hotels and restaurants.

Best Momo Places in Kathmandu

1. Narayan Daiko Masangalli ko Famous Momo

Narayan Dai ko Masangali ko famous momo

Longer the name, the better the credibility. While this is not generally true, Narayan Dai ko Momo Pasal has proved this point. The place which has stood for over five decades now has outlets in many places. Their secret handmade momo recipe has been preserved and passed down for generations. Simply one of the best momos you can find out there in Nepal. While there are some complaints about the consistency of the sauce, their momos are amazing. These juicy and flavorsome momos can be delivered to your doorsteps too.

Worry not veg eaters! Narayan Dai also offers good paneer momos. Though the place serves chicken momos as well, nothing can beat the Buff Momos. Finding people who have not known of this place is pretty rare. You bet the momo here is going to give your tastebuds the kick it needs.

2. Old Everest Momo

new everest momo

Located right in the smack-dab middle of Kathmandu City, this Momo center must be one of the best you can find in the valley. The place only serves buff momo yet it sells hundreds of plates a day. This place is rated top among many momo places by locals and foreigners alike. The place is located at Lekhnath Sadak and has been running for more than a decade.

The momos are great paired with the sauce which this place has mastered. This place is a must-go if you are a foodie. The place features its amazing sauce and unique taste. While seating arrangements might be a bit tricky, with great taste, value for your money, and nearly no waiting time, this place is a great stop for a quick bite. Simply one of the best momo places in Kathmandu City.

3. Shandaar Momo

shandaar momo

Previously known to serve momos on leaf bowls, this momo center has come a long way. The place now has branches in many parts of the capital without degrading its taste. They serve chicken, buff, and veg momos out of which buff is the best without a doubt. As quoted in a review, their chutney (sauce) is “damn” good. Better drown your momos in a pool of their delicious momo sauce.

If you ever crave momos, Shandaar is where you go.

4. Bota Momo

bota momo

The authenticity and taste of a Momo from a momo place cannot just be determined by the number of years it has been running for. While fairly new to this momo game, Bota has been working to serve the best quality food to the Nepalese market since its establishment in 2015. Bota has outlets all over the city and aims to open more all over the country.

With spacious seating arrangements, this place is perfect for your family and friends too. The place is also known for its cleanliness and friendly staff. Good ambiance, amazing sauce, what more do you need?

5. Bagmati Sweet House

bagmati sweet house

Don’t be fooled by its name. The place serves momos too. While it may only serve vegetarian-based momos, they are well worth it. The momos are juicy, and well seasoned with paneer. No need to worry about desserts after your meal. The place serves a wide variety of sweets and other goodies. Pair your next plate of momo with Kheer right after.

The food is good but the seating arrangements fall on the unfriendly side. The place has attached chairs and no parking so going in big groups might not be as bonding as you wish it to be. But the food is really recommended so eat up and out you are ready to go.

Daily, thousands of plates of momos are eaten by the Nepalese every day. The above-listed places are just a select few of the many places that serve amazing momos. From momo places in the small alleyways of the city to big hotels, momos are found on the menu of any restaurant big or small. The best momo places in Kathmandu may even be found in the shop nearest to you, go out and try places for yourself.

Stay Hungry, Eat momo!

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