Best Treks in Nepal for Beginners

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There are many ways of recreation in the world we live in today. As more things get digitalized, most of us seek outdoor activity at some point. Trekking is another excellent way to unwind for people. The outdoor activity that consists of walks for more than a day is known as Trekking.

Well, is walking on the streets considered Trekking? Not really. Trekking is mainly done on scenic routes where urbanization has the least touched. Treks introduce People to natural beauty and nature to the fullest.

Nepal is filled with many scenic landscapes and landmarks, making it a perfect destination for Trekking. If you’re a beginner looking forward to a trek in Nepal, this list of the best treks in Nepal for beginners will help you a lot. The lists are not ranked in any particular order. 

Best Treks in Nepal for Beginners

1. Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

Poon hill

 If you’re looking for a short and exciting adventure, Ghorepani Poon Hill is a trek you should take. The viewpoint at Poon hill lies at an Altitude of 3210 meters and gives a panoramic view of over 32 Himalaya peaks like Annapurna, Macchapuchre, Dhaulagiri, and many more.

Depending on the trekking agencies, the trek spans around 4-6 days. If you’re short on time and up for more exercise, perhaps the 3-day hike to the viewpoint will get your heart racing. The trek isn’t demanding, and any average person can take it. This trek is a perfect start to your trekking journey in Nepal as it is easy and does not go to a very high altitude. Enjoy your hike to Ghorepani Poon Hill as you walk through lush red rhododendron forests and paddy fields. 

The weather during treks is also dry and warm, so there’s no need for advanced gear. There are many experienced travel guides and agencies that you can also contact for a safe trek.

Difficulty: 2/5 

2. Mardi Himal

Mardi Himal Trek

View the rarely viewed sides of the Annapurna Ranges with this amazing Mardi Himal trek. The trek is a recently opened route that deviates from the original Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek. But that won’t stop you from the breathtaking views of the ranges. As you trek, you’ll see Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchre, and Manaslu ranges along with Australian Camp, Pothana, Mardi Himal base camp, Siding village, and Lwang. 

The exact duration of the trek also varies a lot. But most trekking agencies offer an 8-day trip from start to finish. The treks are already well facilitated with guest houses and basic infrastructures for the trekkers.

Although this trek is not as challenging as the Everest Base Camp, the route lies way above the 4,000 meters range. It is recommended that people be moderately fit at the least before taking on this trek. Whatever the difficulty, it provides beautiful scenery of the peaks, lush red rhododendrons, and the traditional lives of the Nepalese.

Difficulty: 3/5

3. Everest View Trek

Everest View Trek

Mount Everest (Sagarmatha in Nepal) is the highest peak in the world above sea level, standing tall at 8848 meters. Everest’s height makes it a popular destination for climbers and attracts tourists to view the peak.

Everest base camp trek is a 12-14 day Trek that takes trekkers to the base camp of Mount Everest. EBC Trek is challenging for many as it has a problematic trail and lots of walking. Everest View Trek. On the other hand, the View Trek is a short trek that offers breathtaking views of Mount Everest and the other Himalayas as you walk. The trek exposes you to the unique Sherpa culture and views the flora and fauna of the Sagarmatha National Park.

Many agencies provide a round trip to the Everest region and back. Many packages also come with a day of sightseeing around Kathmandu.

If you are wondering whether the trail is difficult, it is not. Any people can take the trek as long as they are moderately fit, with kids and older people taking up the tour (7-70 years). Families can also adjust the pace of their trek as per their fit. You’ll be walking most of the day, so as long as one is comfortable, it’ll be a breeze.

Difficulty: 3/5

4. Dhampus Village Trek

Dhampus Village Trek

If you are looking for casual trekking with little altitude, the Dhampus village trek is something you should consider. The Dhampus Trek offers panoramic views of the Annapurna Range, Mount Machhapurchhre, Dhaulagiri, Hiunchulu, and Lamjung. The village trek is also popular among locals alike. The trek starts from Pokhara and takes you through viewpoints that have spectacular views of Nepal’s landscapes.

Witness a part of the Nepalese culture as you experience the Gurung lifestyle in the village. One can also help the locals do their household work, which deepens the immersive experience. All the services are well facilitated, so there shouldn’t be a problem in that department either.

The trek spans around a week (6 days and five nights). Finding a trekking agency or a partner should not be difficult as many agencies provide all-around trips with excellent service. Although the place is open all year round, it is recommended not to visit the area during the monsoon (June to August)

Difficulty: 2/5

5. Ghandruk Village Trek

Ghandruk Village Trek

Enjoy a few days off the hustle and bustle in the city with the Ghandruk Village Trek. If you have 3-4 days off, you should take a trip to Ghandruk village. The village is inhabited by the Gurung community, from where you can see the panoramic views of the Annapurna ranges and Fishtail mountain.The entire trek features short hikes through scenic routes and landscapes. The agencies that provide you cover accommodation and other facilities. Ghandruk Trek also passes through the famous viewpoint, Dhampus. Ghandruk Village trek is one of the best treks in Nepal for beginners as routes are easy and safe.

Most agencies here offer a 3-4 day trekking itinerary, including a through Kathmandu’s famous landmarks. The trip is perfect for families, friends, and school excursions alike. Regardless of age, weight, or fitness, anyone can take on this trip and adjust it to their pace.

Difficulty: 1/5

Nepal is a beautiful country full of landscapes and diversity. Starting your first trek or visiting Nepal without knowing what to do can be confusing. Hopefully, the list of the Best Treks in Nepal for Beginners helps.

If you are looking for a travel agency, Himalayan Wonders is a popular agency in Nepal for such treks and tours.

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