Fun Things To Do in Kathmandu

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Believe me or not, there are plenty of fun things to do in Kathmandu. Things might have gotten stale just going to the same old park or a cafe for meetups. Why not have a change?

If you’re bored, want some holiday ideas, or are a foreigner to Kathmandu, we have you covered. We give the best and fresh ideas, keeping generic places such as Swyambunath or Parks out of the question. Here are some fun and new things to do in Kathmandu today.

1. Funland Nepal

The only ice skating experience you can get in Kathmandu is at Funland. Located at Bhadrakali, Funland Nepal offers a unique one-of-a-kind ice skating experience to people. And yes, this place can burn a hole through your wallet quickly if you visit frequently, but it is worth it for the first-hand experience.

Funland Nepal - Ice Skating

The place also offers other fun minigames such as rock climbing, mechanical rodeo, trampoline park, kids’ play area, and arcade games. The toilet there is clean and sanitary too. Funland is one of the best recreation centres in Kathmandu and welcomes everyone. You do not need to have ice skating experience to give it a go; there are coaches and staff that help you learn to skate. It’s a neat place to go for a change with your friends and family.

Packages Available at Funland Nepal

Package Price What to Expect
Basic Package Rs.1000/- Basic Unlimited Minigames (No Ice-Skating)
Ice Skating Rs.1000/- Ice Skating (40 Minutes)
Mazza Package Rs.2000/- 1 Hour for Ice Skating & 2 Bull Ride
Extreme Package Rs.3000/- 2.5-Hour Ice Skating & Unlimited Games
Ice Skating Max Rs.1500 1.5-Hour Ice Skating

Note: Prices and packages are subject to change. Funland also provides discounts and offers during special events and holidays.

2. Jump KTM

Feeling like playing on a trampoline? How bout an entire studio made as a trampoline? Jump KTM is a trampoline park situated in Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu. It’s supposedly the first trampoline park in Nepal, so why not give it a go?

Jump KTM


Jump KTM has many indoor and outdoor activities such as slam dunk, dodgeball area, foam pits, and toddler zones. The area is located outside the ring road and is quite peaceful. The overall ambience of the place is amazing, with well-furnished interiors and good exterior patios with grass. It is a great place for children and old people to hang out and enjoy jumping. Jumping has a lot of health benefits giving you and your friends a perfect excuse for a bouncy getaway. (it’s got a cafe too)

Packages Available at Jump KTM

Package (1 Hour)


Single Person 


Kid (Below 105 Centimeters)


Superpass (2 Hours)


Group of 4


Group of 10


Note: Prices for packages tend to be rs.200/- higher during the weekends. Please plan accordingly. Prices for set packages are subject to change.

3. Mirror Maze

The mirror maze is a unique concept offering entertainment packages in the Kathmandu Valley. The mirror maze location is not in Kathmandu but near its neighbour, Lalitpur. While it may not be in the capital, it is worth a little commute to get this one-of-a-kind experience.

Mirror Maze - Lalitpur


The mirror maze features a labyrinth; the only twist is that it’s full of mirrors. Yes, from right to left, the walls are replaced by mirrors making your escape even more difficult. You’ll find yourself running into a mirror rather than an open entrance keeping things fun. It’s best you visit the maze with your family and friends for that extra fun factor.

Packages Student Adult
Blue Theme Rs.200/- Rs.250/-
Horror Theme  Rs.200/- Rs.250/-
Dark Theme  Rs.200/- Rs.250/-
All-in-One Package  Rs.500/- Rs.250/-

Note: Prices for set packages are subject to change.

4. Thamel and Karaoke

If there is a place that you want to stroll around, it’s definitely Thamel. The heart of Thamel has many hidden gems and spots for tourists and locals. You don’t need to spend any money, and it’s just about spending quality time wandering around as if you need help. 


How about singing? Thamel has plenty of quality karaoke places that you can give a shot at. Karaoke can be a great way to spend time with your loved ones. Sing your heart out to your favourite songs with friends, family and acquaintances in some of the best Karaoke spots in the city. The places also serve food and drinks but charge higher than what’s in the market. 

Some Karaoke Places you can consider:

  1. Colours Karaoke
  2. Beta House Thamel
  3. Dancing Yak

These places require pre-booking, kindly call them or shoot them a message on their social media handles to prebook. Prices for an hour of karaoke depend on the number of people accompanying but generally is between Rs.500-2,500/-

5. Night Out with Friends and Family

You’ve done all the exploring during the day; how about a night out at night? Nighttime Kathmandu is an amazing place to be, especially in the town. The heart of Kathmandu has a lot to offer; one of those things is nighttime action. Here are two places you should visit if you want some music and chill.

A. Hardrock Cafe

Hardrock Cafe is a series of rock n roll themed chains that serves American classics. The Kathmandu branch for this place is located in Sherpa mall, Kings Way. The cafe features an amazing ambience and is highly rated for its customer-friendly staff. Hardrock cafe is an amazing place to go at least once for lunch, dinner and late-night drinks, usually accompanied by live music.

Hard rock cafe kathmandu

B. Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a late-night rock bar located in Thamel, Kathmandu. The rock bar is known for its live music, good vibes and well-behaved crowd. Places like these tend to be upmarket, so plan accordingly! Purple Haze has a really good ambience and atmosphere with a cool interior. It is one of the best-rated rock bars in the town, so if you want a late-night party, Purple Haze is the place to hang out.

Purple Haze Rock Bar

There are many new emerging places in Kathmandu for people of all age groups. We can see the rise in aesthetic cafes, upmarket cinema halls, dine-ins, and other hangout places catering to the youth. So if you’re worried there’s no place for you and your friends to go, there’s no need to worry at all. There’s still much to explore and many fun things to do in Kathmandu!

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