Highest Paid Bank CEOs of Nepal

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Ever wonder who the highest-paid bank CEOs in Nepal are?

If you look at a company’s structure, there’s an average office person at the bottom. The higher you go up, the better the salary and benefits you get from the company. What’s at the top? CEO is the top position in an organization that looks after the company. They oversee existing plans and policies, implement strategies to improve the company’s financial strength, and set up for the future. Since CEOs have such important jobs, how about their salaries?

Here we list out the top banks in Nepal, their CEOs, and their salaries. Note that the salaries and CEOs can be subject to change whenever you read them and give in an annual amount.

Agricultural Development Bank Ltd

CEO: Mr. Pratap Subedi

Salary:  Nrs. 41,00,000 /-

Bank of Kathmandu

CEO: Mr. Shrawan Lal Maskay

Salary:  Nrs. 2,56,27,000 /-

Citizens Bank Ltd

CEO: Ganesh Raj Pokharel

Salary: Nrs 1,76,30,000 /-

Everest Bank Ltd

CEO: Sudesh Khaling

Salary: Nrs. 3,70,71,000 /-

Global IME Bank Ltd

CEO: Ratna Raj Bajracharya

Salary: Nrs. 2,90,000 /-

Kumari Bank Ltd

CEO: Ramesh Raj Aryal

Salary:  Nrs. 2,38,31,000 /-

Machhapuchre Bank Ltd

CEO: Mr. Santosh Koirala

Salary: Nrs. 1,28,61,000 /-

Mega Bank Ltd

CEO: Tulsi Ram Pokharel

Salary: Nrs. 1,20,50,000 /-

NMB Bank Ltd

CEO: Sunil KC

Salary: Nrs. 1,60,00,000 /-

Nabil Bank

CEO: Gyanendra Prasad Dhungana

Salary: Nrs. 1,41,00,000 /-

Nepal Bank Ltd

CEO: Krishna Bahadur Adhikari

Salary: Nrs. 54,42,916 /-

Nepal Investment Bank Ltd

CEO: Mr. Jyoti Prakash Pandey

Salary: Nrs. 3,00,00,000 /-

Rashtriya Banijya Bank

CEO: Kiran Kumar Shrestha

Salary: Nrs. 2,70,00,000 /-

Sunrise Bank

CEO – Suman Sharma
Salary – Nrs. 1,35,05,000

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd

CEO: Anirvan Ghosh Dastidar

Salary: Nrs. 2,70,00,000 /-

Being a CEO for a bank indeed sounds like a good career due to the amount of money CEOs make. While this is true, this comes with a lot of competition and hard work. It won’t be easy if you wish to place yourself in an administrative seat. Hopefully, next time we’ll see you on the list of the Highest Paid Bank CEOs in Nepal!

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