Highest Paying Jobs in Nepal

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Jobs are works that we undertake to earn money. Money is essential to survive, as it buys us food, shelter, clothing, and other commodities thus helping sustain or uplift our living conditions. If you are a rookie fresh off from high school or were curious enough to research comparing salaries, Here we list the Highest paying jobs in Nepal. The following list is not made in any order or specific rankings.

1. Surgeon


Surgeons are the people who practice medicine and perform surgery on their patients. Surgeons operate on their patient’s bodies to diagnose and treat diseases or during childbirth. 

 The road to being a doctor is considered a difficult one. Students pay a lot of money to acquire their MBBS certificate, whose salary is not enough to earn back what they have invested. They then have to study for their Masters’s degree to officially start working as a medical doctor in other hospitals or start their professional clinic. 

Generally, a Bachelor in Medicine degree will land you a salary anywhere between 25 thousand to 50 thousand, depending on where you work. Doctors can work for a higher range of pay starting from 40 thousand after their master’s degree. The salary also depends on which field you specialize in. 

Surgeons are often paid high, starting with a salary of NPR 10 Lakh annually. The sum goes higher as you get more experienced and gain a reputation. Neurosurgeons earn the most, with their pay crossing over 20 Lakh rupees annually. Surgeons are entrusted with a person’s life, and it is without a doubt, their work is stressful. Although a doctor’s salary rises the more you work, students should not pursue a doctor’s career if they want to earn money. 

2. Dentist


Dentistry is a branch of medicine focused specifically on teeth, gums, and mouth. A person who has practiced Dentistry is entrusted with the study, diagnosis, prevention, management, and treatment of diseases related to the mouth.

While you may think being a dentist should be the same as being an MBBS doctor, it is not. A student must study BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) to become a dentist. The BDS curriculum generally focuses on the head, neck, and face parts, while the latter focuses on studying the entire body and its systems.

A person working as a dentist is usually paid above 100,000 NPR per month. The salary has no limits if a person is practicing in private, as private clinics depend on reputation and have no fixed salary.

3. Computer Engineers

Computer engineer

The scope of computer technology and IT is vast, with its market growing daily. This is the reason why IT-related studies are becoming very popular among students. Information technology (IT) professionals study, design, develop and work on computer-based systems, both hardware, and software.

Depending on what you take, people can be either computer programmers or software engineers. These two sound similar but are very different from each other. Software engineers apply engineering principles to computer software and hardware systems. They are responsible for developing software and applications. People who work as software engineers primarily work with clients and try to fulfill their needs. The games you play and social media you use and so are all thanks to software engineers.

Computer programmers are professionals who code instructions. A code is the behind the scene work that instructs software on how to run. It is the backbone and the primary language of software. Although their work is done in a limited field, engineers and programmers are the same work.

The salary for computer engineers in Nepal can range from 40 thousand per month to over two lakhs. This also depends on experience. Since the market for computer professionals is open worldwide, they can even compete globally and earn more.

4. Finance Managers

finance manager

Many people in Nepal undermine the field of management studies. Although not seen as prestigious as science fields, management studies carry many responsibilities. Similarly, they are among the highest paid salary in Nepal.

Finance Managers are responsible for budget planning and control of the financial resources of a company. They are entrusted with the company’s finance, keeping records, supporting the executive team, and making better business decisions.

In short, they are the professionals that report on financial information, analyze market trends and competitors, predict economic trends, and give the best course of action for the company.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree in finance, accountancy, mathematics, statistics, business, or economics can be a finance manager, although people prefer managers with at least a master’s degree. Getting a position as the top financial manager takes a lot of time as critical analysis and decision-making skills are gained through experience.

The average salary of a finance manager is around 80 thousand rupees monthly, but expect to get a better wage later.

MBA graduates also fall into managerial roles consisting of CEOs and other executives. Their pay is also high as they are entrusted with the task of running a company smoothly.

5. Chartered Accountant

CA is considered one of the most challenging courses to take. CA professionals work in fields related to finance and business. They are required for financial and investment companies. Their works include auditing, taxation, and financial management, most of which are employed by government bodies.

CA is a four-year course divided into 3 CAPS. These CAPS must be completed one at a time to proceed to the next and get the degree. This is the reason the course is considered a difficult but prestigious one.

A fresh Chartered accountant can earn around 7 lakh rupees annually, with their pay rising to over millions as they get more experience. Like every job, the pay increases the more experienced you are.

6. College Professors


Perhaps an unexpected job to find among the highest paying jobs in Nepal, college professors earn a decent living. Professors are teachers, but for university or college level students. They are the highest level teachers, with most having a Ph.D. degree in their respective field of study.

The professors are entrusted with delivering the students the highest level of education and are responsible for preparing course materials. They teach mainly graduate and undergraduate students, with some teaching senior high students.

Salaries for college professors depend on what level of students they are teaching. Generally, a high school level lecturer will have a salary starting from 40 thousand. As you go higher, the wages for undergrad students (bachelor’s level) start from 60 thousand. Some professors earn over a lakh monthly too.

The above-stated jobs are a few of the highest-paying jobs in Nepal. Many new job opportunities rise with time, with newer job types overtaking others in terms of salary. This all depends on the quality of Nepalese life. The higher the standard of living, the better the salary for the job holders.

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