How To Apply For DV Lottery in Nepal

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You might have heard the DV craze going around the Nepalese population from time to time. People hurry to fill up forms to enter a lottery so that they can go settle in America. It is one of many ways that people can permanently become American citizens.

This article will help you understand How to Apply for DV Lottery in Nepal.

What is a DV?

If you are a bit confused about what it is, DV is a lottery program by the United States government to obtain a permanent resident card for the country. This was introduced to diversify the immigrant population in the States and was created by the Immigration Act of 1990.

Who can Apply for The DV?

If you are a citizen of Nepal, you can apply for DV. There is only a certain time frame you can apply for every year. If you miss the deadline, you will have to wait for another year or longer until the program opens again.

The US Department selects countries to give the resident card to which has less than 50,000 immigrants in the last 5 years. Fortunately, Nepal is eligible too. Want to live the American Dream? It’s possible with DV now.

Requirements to Apply for DV

DV is a chance to enter America and get a permanent resident card. It is not an easy process and requires a lot of background checks.

  • You should have an unexpired passport that is valid. All primary information on the passport is required for further processing of your DV application.
  • The Department also recommends that the applicant has at least a high school diploma (+2 Level) or two years of working experience in a field requiring training.
  • You will require an email address for filling up the form.
    Note: You will not be notified in your email if you were selected for DV.

Things to Know Before Applying

  • No physical documents or form is required for the application as it is in digital form.
  • Important: Applying for the DV program is completely free and no fee is charged for applying.
  • Only one entry is allowed per person. Your application will be invalid if you have multiple entries.
  • You should fill out your form completely or else your application will be rejected.
  • Another important piece of document in your application is your pictures.
  • The form usually opens during October and lasts for a month. [Usually]

Your pictures should not have shadows, bad lighting, ornaments, glasses (sunglasses or not), or any other informal expressions. Refer to the pictures below and understand how to take your pictures.

acceptable photos for DV

  • No shadows are allowed. Pictures should be clear and in color and skin tones should be visible.
  • Your head should be centered without any glasses (Even if you wear them for medical reasons)
  • Eyes should be clearly visible with a normal resting face.
  • No ornaments, hats, or attire is allowed unless it’s for religious or medical purposes.
  • The background should be white, and the child should face the camera with his/her eyes open (unless it’s a newborn or an infant.)

If you still have confusion regarding the pictures, refer to the official website here. 

The image size should be between 600x 600 and 1200 x 1200. It should be in JPEG file format and less than 241 kB.

Use the Photo Cropping Tool to resize your image to the perfect size.

Steps To Apply for DV

Head to and prepare yourself to fill out the application. The Application is Divided into Two Parts.

Part I

  1. Read the required information if you wish to and then open the application.
    [You may be required to fill out a Captcha verification, do as it instructs and proceed]Entrant information DV
  2. Fill out the form as required. Do not fill in any false information, your real information is very important.
  3. When you reach your passport information, ignore the following part.passport exemption
  4. Search for your district/province/state’s Postal or Zipcode in google and fill it up.


Part II

If you have children or a spouse you will be redirected to this page. Additionally, If you need to make any corrections to your application use the “Go Back To Part I” Button. DO NOT use the back button of your browser.

Fill up the form as required with the information in the legal documents. You will then be taken to a final review page where you can review all your information before submitting it.

Very Important: 

DO NOT forget to record your confirmation number before closing the application tab. There will be no way to recover your number once you close the page. You need the number for checking your status once the lottery is announced. Do not give your number to anyone.

Even if you are chosen, it does not ensure that you will be granted a visa. If you are called in for a visa interview, a Consular Officer will assess whether you fulfill the requirements and are eligible for the DV under US immigration law. So if you are chosen, prepare well for the interview. Good luck!

From the above article, instructions on how to apply for DV lottery in Nepal have been given. The selection of your DV application is completely dependent on luck.

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