How to Apply for Nepali Driving License

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A driver’s license is an official certificate that proves a person has the legal right to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles on public roads, such as buses, automobiles, lorries, and motorcycles. These permits are often plastic and the size of a credit card. Learn more on how to apply for Nepali driving License

Driving License can be obtain by the residents of the country. In Nepal too you can obtain driver’s license. There were different steps to apply for driver’s license in Nepal. But a new online system has been launched to apply for driving license.

Driving License Process

Getting a Driver’s License is a 5 step process.

I. Online Form

The first step is to fill an online form. There are only limited quotas for a certain time period so there is a chance you might not get approved. There are agents too that can help you fill out the form and other experts. You can fill up your online form with the link given below.

How to Apply for Nepali Driving License Online?

Guide to filling up online driving license form:

  1. Open the link given below to register for Online Driving License System
    online driving license registration
  2. All information should be filled correctly. This is legal information and false documents should not be presented.
  3. You will receive a OPT password on your mobile, fill it up and your registration will be complete.
  4. You will now be taken into a page where you will need to fill your personal details.

Step 1: Personal Details

driver's license application

Your personal details will include your:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Blood group
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • Guardian’s name and relationship
  • Nearest transportation management office

You are required to fill only real information, this is your legal document. Any fake information will be considered invalid and legal action can be taken.

Step 2: Location and Address

Fill in the required information, if your temporary address is same as your permanent, you can simply click the Same as Permanent Box right above Temporary address.

drivers license registration

Step 3: Citizenship Details

Fill in your citizenship details to proceed to the next step.

driving license application citizenship

You will also be required to submit images of your citizenship on both font and backside. Some additional information regarding your parents and grandparents is also required. There is also an option to provide information regarding your passport although it is not necessary.

Step 4: Apply for the driving license

Choose which vehicle you would like to obtain the license for. By clicking next and applying for the license, you agree to all terms and conditions of the license obtaining process and methods.

how to apply driving license

You can select which province you are in (applying the license test in) and the office. There is also a provision for an urgent license although that is limited to only a few people.

how to apply for nepali driving license

You can now view the quota and the date that you can take the license exam and trial in. The number of occupied days is displayed on the right side of your form. After selecting the desired date, click the apply button. An OTP code will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Step 5: Payment

After entering the OTP code, you will be sent to a new page where you will be told that your driving license application has been submitted. Both your application information and payment details will be shown on the same page. After validating the details, click the “Continue with Payment” button at the bottom right of the page. The home page will be displayed when you click that button. At this time, the system will have stored all of your data, and you will get a confirmation notice at the top of the page for your driving license application.

Do not forget to download the payment voucher and receive a copy of that as it is important.

II. Document Submission

You will be given an appointment date. Your medical test is taken and online registered data is verified. There are a few payments that should be done on the day. You should note your Applicant ID assigned to you from the website.

III. Exam (Likhit)

The physical exam is also known as Likhit. Your physical presence is required where you will be tested for the driver’s license. There will be 20 objective questions in your exam in which at least 2 of them will be about traffic signs. You are to prepare accordingly and pass to exam to go for your trial exam. The results will be published on the same day of your exam through SMS service, facebook page and website.

IV. Trial

The Trial is the final step for your exams. The trial consists of traffic lights, zebra crossings, traffic rules and other obstacles that you must ride your way through. There are many helpful video guides on passing your trial exams in Youtube. If you fail your trial exams, you can apply 2 more times but with at least 10 day gap.

V. Payment and License

If you pass your trial, you must pay for it. As the distribution of smart license is slow, you will get a temporary pass to drive your vehicle after 10 days for your payment. You should keep your payment slip very safe. You will get an SMS if your license is ready.

The above mentioned steps are how to apply for Nepali Driving License. The process has been simplified in the above paragraphs so that anyone can understand it. Goodluck on your license exams!

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