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The 21st century is the age of science and technology. Many job opportunities and career options also exist in the field of science and tech. IT industry is a large industry with many possibilities in the future. Our modern society is becoming more reliant on the use of technology. This has created a demand of IT experts and without a doubt has become on of the most popular subject of choice for students.

Importance of IT

IT has become very important in today’s world. The expertise of an IT technician is required in many sectors.

    1. Businesses require IT professional to ensure that their departments run smoothly. IT is used in different departments such as finances, security, data saving, etc. Information technology is used in a wide number of departments such as human resources, finance, manufacturing, security, etc.
    2. Teachers can help students teach easily and interactively with the use of IT. IT is more convenient than traditional methods of teaching too.
    3. In the sector of finance, without IT online commerce would be impossible. IT helps keep data secure and efficient in banks. Transactions have never been easier with the use of Information Technology.
    4. Use of health information technology can vary from simple charting to complex decision assistance and interaction with medical equipment. Because of this, Use of IT can lower human errors, increase efficiency and help monitor and secure data.

Is an IT career worth it?

Working in Information Technology, is a dream for many individuals, but many are unsure whether it is worth the time, money, and effort.

So is an IT career really worth it?

IT careers are worthwhile since incomes in IT are higher than in most other work categories. Comparing to other high paying jobs in other industries, IT occupations do not require a degree or extensive expertise. When compared to other industries, such as law, where many years of expertise are necessary, some high incomes are achievable with only a few years of experience.

With proper business model and determination, you can work your way up to success easily.

IT Career in Nepal

Nepal is no exception with a promising future in the IT sector. Telecommunication firms, software development firms, and such require lots of human resources. This results in a lot of additional job opportunities for young people. Even non-IT related offices require IT professionals in some capacity, therefore IT students have a bright future. With varied IT talents such as site design and development, programming, and application development, there are several job options.

IT specialists are in great demand in the industry right now. This current environment has undoubtedly increased the number of IT colleges and computer training schools. Students pursue IT education in order to further their careers. As a result, the work opportunity comes in handy. Even if a person is not an IT graduate, but has academic qualifications in other IT-related courses such as Web Design, Programming, Application Development, and so on, he or she can still acquire a decent job as a professional.

To promote the value of high-quality IT education and its career advantages, several IT institutions have been established under various affiliations. On the other hand, several computer training schools provide software development and design training classes to assist students get professional abilities. Learning to code through online courses is also a popular trend among people. This just demonstrates the importance of an IT job in Nepal. We can see the growing interest and importance of IT industry form this. So IT Career in Nepal is a very good career choice.

If you are ever wondering which college is best for your IT career, you can refer to: Top IT Colleges in Nepal.

 What Career to Take?

If you are ever wondering what career options you can take in the field of IT, below are a few IT related fields that you can enter.

  1. Web Developer / Designer

    A web developer is responsible for the design and development of websites. Everyday, many websites are designed everyday and many more are waiting to be designed. By ensuring that sites appear beautiful, function well, and provide simple access points without loading problems between pages or error messages, they make sure that sites live up to user expectations.

  2. Software Developer

    A software developer is responsible for creating software for both commercial and consumer use. They closely collaborate with clients to ascertain their needs before using computer languages like Java or C++ to develop programs. The scope of a software developer is very high.

  3. Ethical Hacker

    Ethical hackers are security professionals who carry out these security evaluations. They contribute to strengthening an organization’s security posture through their hacking activities. Ethical hackers are different from harmful hacking since it is done with permission from the company or owner of the IT asset. Hackers will report any flaws or issues and look for solutions to strengthen the system’s defenses. Ethical hackers guard against data theft and compromise.

  4. SEO / SMM Experts

    Search Engine Optimizer or SEO is a very effective tool for bringing people to view your websites. A proper SEO expert will help you rank your content high even among many competitors. Because of such importance, SEO experts are widely needed in today’s field. An effective SEO increases your internet presence. This implies that the more traffic your website receives, the more likely you are to sell more of your goods or offer your services to more customers.

  5. System Analyst

    A systems analyst is someone who uses design and analytical methodologies to solve business problems by using information technology. Systems analysts can function as change agents by identifying the organizational changes that are needed, creating the systems to implement those changes, and encouraging people to use the systems. This is why system analysts are widely sought out in the market.

  6. User Experience Designer

    A UX designer is concerned with every element of a product’s development, from branding and marketing to usability, function, and even design. A UX designer works for the proper and smooth interaction of the user with the product. In a way, UX designer ensures your product is visually appealing without any hassles to use. 

  7. Graphics Designer

    Any creative person can enter the field of graphics designing. Graphics designers are responsible for the creation of aesthetically appealing posters and arts that help brand some product or service. Graphic design is a great career for people who that enjoy art, technology and are creative. In Nepal too, the demand of a graphics designer is growing exponentially.

There are many other career fields in IT that you can take. From animators to project managers, administrators and cloud computing, all IT related fields are equally important. Furthermore, new trends in working practices are emerging these days, with unlimited potential to work from home as a freelancer if you can demonstrate adequate abilities. Other work options for IT grads include animation, game development, and outsourcing.

In Conclusion,

IT comprises a broad variety of computer and network support services required by the majority of firms and organizations, notably those in industry, manufacturing, and government. Many IT professionals work as network administrators and security analysts, overseeing hardware and software systems and troubleshooting technical issues. Businesses are hiring IT pros to help them with their cloud computing demands as more data is kept offshore.

In Nepal too, an IT career is well respected and has many scopes and potentials for employment opportunities and industries. Many people have landed high paying jobs with their own startups or joining businesses and working their way up. You can too if you have what it takes. So IT Career in Nepal is really feasible.

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