Roomba s9+ | Full Specification, Battery

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Roomba s9+

iRobot’s Roomba s9+ is a strong, powerful, and intelligent cleaning robot with high suction ability and smart navigation to make your daily cleaning easy and efficient. It is one of the most expensive vacuum cleaners on the market. Roomba s9+ has not got launched in Nepal. 

Design and Build 

● D-shaped body 

● Copper-like lid 

● Diameter- 12.3 inches 

Instead of a circular body, Roomba s9+ has brought a D-shaped body for cleaning deep into the corners and helping align parallel the wall itself. The copper-like lid has given more attraction to the vacuum with a cool look. Its diameter is 12.3 inches in diameter with is smaller in comparison to previous models. 

The brush roller of this version is located in the middle and is wider than other versions. Roomba s9+ also contains side brushes at the edge. This feature has made the robot vacuum the best in comparison to others. 

Battery Runtime Auto-recharge Accessories 

● Charging Base 

● 60 minutes+ working capacity 

● Two disposable bags 

● Lithium Battery Cell Composition 

The runtime of Roomba s9+ is 60 minutes. For charging, we should plug it into the base and leave it for a while. Then, for the use, you can click on the “Clean button” and start again. It offers various other accessories like a charging base, two disposable bags, two spinning brushes, and HEPA filters. 

Body Setup And Dustbin 

The body setup of the iRobot Roomba s9+ is simple and convenient for use. There are different buttons available for easy use such, as the home button, home button, and the spot button. It contains automatic dustbin emptying technology with two dust bags.


● Strongest suction 

● Best for pet hair 

● Multi-surface rubber brushes 

● Cliff sensors 

iRobot Roomba s9+ is available with multi-surface rubber brushes and sensors that help to detect dirt. It cleans 99% of the dust from all types of carpets, hardwoods, and low carpets. Likewise, the edge brush helps to clean the corners. 

We can also connect Roomba s9+ on the phone. It will allow you to set schedules, start cleaning cycles and check out the history. You can create a digital map through an app named “Imprint” and instruct specific home cleaning from your phone. 

Specifications of Roomba s9+

Height 8.9 cm
Weight 3.7 Kg
Shape D-shaped
Auto Recharge Yes
Suction 40 X Powerful (Compared to 600 series)
Navigation Pattern Row by Row
Navigation vSLAM
Detects Pet Waste No
Hazard Detection No
Hazard Avoidance No
Mopping No
Imprint Link Technology Yes
Dirt Sensor Yes
Cliff sensors Yes
Careful Drive Yes
Carpet Boost Yes
Multi-Surface Brushes Yes
Edge Sweeping Brush Yes
Perfect Edge Technology Yes
Corner Cleaning Brush Yes
HEPA filters Yes
Zone Cleaning Yes
Keep Out Zones Yes
Wi-Fi Connectivity Yes
App Connectivity Yes Selective Room Cleaning Yes
Voice Commands Yes
Amazon Alexa Yes
Google Assitant Yes
Personalized Cleaning Recommendations Yes
Self-Emptying No (but supports)
Battery Cell Composition Lithium-ion


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