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What is a Startup?

Any business that is just getting started can be referred to as a startup. Startups aren’t referred to big companies opening up their new branches or a new venture. Startups are created by one or more business owners who desire to provide a good or service they feel there is a market for.

Startups have high levels of uncertainty in the beginning and have high failure rates, yet a small percentage of them go on to become successful and significant. Nepal is not a developed country anyone wishes to start their businesses in but it hasn’t stopped businesses from developing and spreading its name even in international standards.

Below are the list of a few Successful Startups in Nepal that has been successful without any ranking order.

1. Basobaas

Looking for places to rent? How about searching for people to lease your house and flat to? All the hassle of searching and waiting has now been made easy with Basobaas. Basobaas is a real estate online business that was formed with the hopes of helping sellers, buyers, and house searchers.


Basobaas is a digital platform with a diverse visual community that offers unmatched services along with imaginable property listings and their specifics. Basobaas focuses on offering solutions and expert counsel with the use of technology, a strong online presence, and knowledgeable field agents and brokers. People can even find the best home loans for themselves, list their houses and properties, and find the perfect house to live in.

Over the years since its release, Basobaas has helped thousands and helped more each passing day find their perfect homes to stay, in or to buy. With estimated earnings grossing over millions of dollars per year, Basobaas has found itself to be one of the most successful startups in the country. The website / business ranks no. 1 in Nepal and has its website ranked at top 3500 among all businesses over the world.

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2. Khalti

Transactions have now moved on to digital level, where we can send, loan and pay for things through an online medium without any physical interactions. This has made our lives much easier and in a way safer too. There are many services that provide e-transactions in the world and in Nepal, Khalti has shown to be one of the most popular ones.


Khalti is a mobile wallet, payment processor, and a service provider. Introduced in 2017, Khalti has become a new form of online payment option in Nepal. With the option to pay for a variety of services including including basic energy bills, hotel reservations, movie tickets, domestic flights and such, it has grown in popularity among the Nepalese. Khalti delivers seamless payments through e-banking, smart banking, cards, and wallets to over a thousand retailers across Nepal and is unrestricted to just users on mobile devices.

Khalti earns money by taking a small percentage of every transaction made through their apps. This way, they have managed to earn millions each year and keep growing. The company does not aim to compete but to introduce the technology to people who don’t know about it. The company also has won awards, invested in upliftment of women out of poverty and other programs to bring financial literacy to the people.

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3. DesignPac

A proper graphic designer is an essential for any team when you are establishing a business. How about an entire agency working for your graphic designs and contents?

Normally, bundles are not offered for graphic design services, but the founders of DesignPac came up with this novel marketing strategy. They provide their clients with limitless design services if they pay a monthly subscription fee. This business model was what pushed their popularity even to an international level. They also offer web and app development.


The business is expanding quickly although it started out with a small rented room in Tokha and little investment. The company mostly hires newcomers as interns and provides them the experience and chance to work in a professional setting. After putting forward the payment, any service may be delivered in as little as three days with of infinite number of changes as per the request of the client.

Before placing an order for a design, each user must fill out a form with all of their specifications, information about their brand, the color they want to use in the design, the design’s style as intended by the client. The agency has also won awards such as Rising Star and Great User Experience. With service just as this, DesignPac has gone to place top 5100s in the global market for its startup ranking scores.

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    8222 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring 20910, MD +1 800-663-0372
    New Baneswor, Kathmandu, Bagmati, +977 01 4786338
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4. SastoDeal

Online shopping is the purchase of goods and services from sellers through the internet with the use of a mobile application or web browsers. The products or services can be ordered right at one’s doorstep which has made lives much convenient.


Sastodeal’s story began in December 2011 even though only 9% of Nepal’s population had access to internet. But in the end their launch wasn’t just a business but an entire e-commerce sector that would have a big influence on Nepal’s economy for a number of generations. With only 50 thousand as a capital, the founders started their business in a tiny garage with repaired furniture.

The company is growing in net revenue and employee size each year with earnings over millions a year. Sastodeal has become one of the top online retailers in Nepal today, serving millions of customers and working with tens of thousands of suppliers and partners nationwide. With the exception of select regions the company’s logistic network guarantees delivery across the majority of the country.

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5. Himalayan Wonders

Nepal is a beautiful place. What better use of Nepal’s rich beauty than to invite tourists from all over the world to trek? So if you ever are thinking of trekking in Nepal, Himalayan Wonders is the place to visit.

Himalayan Wonders

Himalayan wonders is an organization that specializes in trekking in Nepal’s Everest and Annapurna areas. They can make your journey a reality since they have the solutions and the expertise.

The organization was established in 2011 with its office located in Kathmandu’s tourist hub, Thamel. The organization boasts fluent English-speaking staffs having received certification from the Trekking Association of Nepal. Their trekking leaders have led more than 100 treks and have an average tenure of over 8 years with over 300+ treks in a year.

The organization has made a name for itself in the travel and tour industry with high ratings on websites like trip advisor, and other traveling applications alike. The organization is estimated to earn millions in revenue every year with its attractive trekking packages.

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Learn More

  • Startups are businesses that are concentrated on a certain item or service that the founders seek to sell. These businesses often lack a fully formed business plan and, more importantly, sufficient funding to advance to the next stage of development. The founders of the majority of these businesses provide the first funding.
  • Founders normally finance their startups and may attempt to attract outside investment before they get off the ground.
  • Startups come with high risk as failure is very possible but they can also be very unique places to work with great benefits, a focus on innovation, and great opportunities to learn.
  • There are five common types of startups across a variety of industries, all of which have different approaches to scaling.
    1. Small business startups: Since these firms are frequently self-funded or bootstrapped, there is less need to scale up right away or to satisfy the demands of investors right away.
    2. Buyable startups: Small teams create a company from the ground up and sell it to a larger player in their sector.
    3. Scalable startups: Scalable businesses obtain money from outside investors, use it to fund growth activities to get more clients, and eventually attract those eager to acquire them.
    4. Offshoot startups: Businesses that break out from larger enterprises.
    5. Social startups: They function like any other company would, except they get funding from grants and donations.
  • Using the most important lessons from lean startup, design thinking, and market validation, entrepreneurs may create a business model. However, it’s crucial to wait until there is enough knowledge about market validation before diving into business models.

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