Useful Nepali Apps for Mobile

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Smartphones have become very important in our lives. We use smartphones for many things. We listen to music, play games, communicate with each other, watch videos. What we can do with smartphones is nearly limitless. There are many apps in phones that we can use that makes our lives easier. We use smartphones for a lot of things. In Nepal too, there are many Nepali apps that is very useful. Listed below are some useful Nepali apps for mobile.

Useful Nepali Apps for Mobile

1. Hamro Patro


Hamro patro

Hamro Patro is a Nepali calendar app that has become one of the most popular mobile applications for your smartphone. First launched in 2010, the application has had millions of downloads both in iOS and Android devices. But over the years, Hamro Patro not only offers calendar services but also has many features such as podcasts, astrology, fortune telling, news, blogs, date conversion features, forex, and even remittance. The font has become a staple in Nepali smartphones with the wide variety of features it offers. Download the app now to get access to wide range of utility services such as daily horoscopes, podcasts, burning news, radio, personal astrology services, and many more.

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2. E-Wallet Servies

When it comes to E-Wallet services two applications / services come into mind of any Nepalese. Having a  cashless transaction system has become very important in today’s world. Because of this, even in Nepal, e wallet services are widely used and the market for these e-wallet has been taken by two companies.

  • E-Sewa


E-Sewa was released in 2009 and from then has become the revolutionary tool for Nepal’s online payment system. The app works as a mobile payment provider which provides smartphone users with easy and convenient means for payment. The app saw its sharp rise with Covid-19 where cashless environment was appreciated. With just their phones, users can register for and receive a mobile money account, deposit funds into their wallet from agents and partner banks, and begin making payments. Users may also use their mobile to pay for utilities, recharge their phones, pay internet bills, EMI, school fees, credit card payments, and many other things.

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  • Khalti


Khalti is a mobile wallet, payment processor, and a service provider. Introduced in 2017, Khalti has become a new form of online payment option in Nepal. With the option to pay for a variety of services including including energy bills, hotels, movie tickets, domestic flights and such, it has grown in popularity among the Nepalese. Khalti delivers easy payments through e-banking, smart banking, cards, and wallets to over a thousand retailers across Nepal and is unrestricted to just users on mobile devices.

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3. Daraz


The trend of online shopping has grown hugely. The idea of having the items you want delivered directly at your doorstep is very convenient. Due to such online activity, Daraz has grown in popularity as one of Nepal’s most popular online shopping applications. It provides a visually appealing, user-friendly, and convenient online Shopping experience. Daraz is Nepal’s most popular shopping website and has a wide selection of items, including official brands. They also deliver some of the largest sale days on many events and festivals.

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4. Pathao


Pathao is a ride-sharing app in Nepal that links those asking for rides with others ready to share their trip in two-wheelers and four wheelers. The app works like Uber, where you can request for a bike or a car and allows you to schedule the simplest and fastest journey possible, avoiding wait time.

Not only that but Pathao also provides services such as food delivery and some online shopping services. The app regularly provides many bonuses and discounts and has provided many employment opportunities. You can also become a Pathao rider if you have a license.

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5. Hamro Nepali Keyboard

hamro nepali keyboard

Even though we are Nepali, we have to admit that typing in Devnagari is difficult. Hamro Nepali Keyboard makes this easy. It may be used in any app and document to write Nepali text. The app is integrated in your keyboard from where you can switch between Roman or Devnagari. It has three keyboard layouts available: Unicode Transliteration, MPP-based Romanized layout, and conventional layout. The application also supports Emojis and Numerical values.

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The above listed mobile apps are in no specific ranking. These types of apps has made our lives much easier and convenient. Although there may only be 5 apps here, this isn’t the end of apps that you’d need in Nepal. There are many amazing apps that are released everyday and many more underdevelopment.

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