What to Study After 12 Management in Nepal

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Wondering What to Study After 12 Management in Nepal?

Management courses at the 12th standard teach students the fundamentals of management and its related topics. These courses introduce students to management and set a good foundation for their future studies. Management studies also end up getting jobs at top organizations’ administrative levels. The fact alone makes +2 management a critical course.

There are many different courses that you can take up for your higher studies. If you are confused, you can consider the following options. The article ranks all colleges based on academic excellence, job placements, infrastructure, student activities, and graduate achievements.

1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA is a branch of management studies that helps students build a proper foundation and knowledge behind a successful business. Students are taught the essentials of leadership, collaboration, and the workings of a business setting.

BBA is an industry-oriented course that has an excellent scope for market growth. Considering national and international areas, BBA should be one of the most popular courses for any management student. BBA is a versatile degree with financial, accounting, and marketing practices. With the degree, many jobs are available in managerial posts with higher posts as you progress further with your studies.

In Nepal, many colleges under reputed universities provide BBA courses that you can undertake. BBA is also considered affordable and is a four-year course. If you’re confused about what to study after your 12 management in Nepal, maybe BBA is the one for you. 

Top 5 Colleges for Business Administration

  • Thames International College
  • The British College
  • International School of Management and Technology
  • Kantipur City College
  • Islington College

Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

The BBM program at Tribhuvan University is another excellent industry-oriented course. The course helps students develop critical, analytical, and practical skills in business and management. BBM nurtures a student’s core skills, such as leadership and entrepreneurship.

If you are wondering about the scope of BBM, you should not worry much. BBM/MBM graduates are often placed in the core areas of management sectors. Retail, distribution, financial institutions, marketing, etc., are some BBM areas.

There are many colleges where you can apply for BBM courses. So you can apply for search for colleges and apply according to your convenience and the colleges’ environment. BBM is a four-year course.

Top 5 Colleges for Business Management

  • Thames International College
  • Shanker Dev Campus
  • Capital College of Research Centre
  • Kathmandu Bernhardt College
  • Asian School of Management and Technology

Bachelor of Hospitality Management (BHM)

The Bachelor of Hospitality Management course is a unique course focusing on service. BHM programs are designed to produce a highly trained workforce in all aspects of hospitality. This management field is a good option for anyone. Hospitality Management ensures customer comfort, which leads to long-term clients.

In the context of Nepal, BHM is an ever-growing industry. The tourism industry is growing day by day all around the world. BHM and Tourism are interlinked; if tourism goes up, the scope of BHM naturally will. Job placements in Hostels, restaurants, food and beverage industries, and offices are some scopes of Hospitality Management.

Bachelor of Hospitality Management is generally a four-year course divided into eight semesters. BHM courses are provided in most Management colleges in Nepal.

Top 5 Colleges for Hospitality Management

  • Nepal Academy Tourism and Management
  • International School of Tourism and Hotel Management
  • Academy of Culinary arts and Hotel Management
  • Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management
  • Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

A Bachelor of Commerce is a versatile degree that teaches students various managerial skills and qualities. Commerce is a term for the exchange of goods and services. B.Com ensures students are aware of the commerce-related problems and solve them with analytical and critical thinking. Syllabus-wise, most universities include accounting, finance, economics, business management, human resources, and marketing in their curriculum. Some of these subjects also often require mathematics.

Commerce graduates can find employment opportunities in both government and private jobs. With a wide range of topics in their curriculum, students can pursue financial or service-oriented higher studies too. The students are well versed in the field of market study and other aspects related to business. So BCom acts as a stable foundation for your business.

B.Com is a three-year course.

Top 5 Commerce Colleges in Nepal

  • Global College of Management
  • Kathmandu University
  • Kantipur City College
  • The British College
  • Kathmandu College of Management

Chartered Accountant (CA)

Considered one of the most challenging courses to take, CA is also an advantageous degree. Chartered Accountants work in all fields related to business and finance. These works include auditing, taxation, financial management, general management, etc. Most of which are employed by government bodies.

It is a four-year course that is divided into 3 CAPs. CAP I is a six months course, CAP II is a nine, and CAP III is a three-year course including practicals. One cannot proceed into the other courses without passing the previous one. 

Many students study CA alongside BBS, BBM, and BBA (Bachelor of Business Studies, Bachelor of Business Management, Bachelor of Business Administration. Chartered Accountants are always required for financial companies, investment companies, and other related financial institutions. 

Top 5 Chartered Accountant Colleges in Nepal

  • The British College 
  • ISMT College Birgunj
  • Chaitanya Institute of Management 
  • Merryland College
  • ISMT College Kathmandu

Management itself is a critical sector of any industry or workforce. People may prefer science rather than management without knowing how management is the backbone of any organization. The courses provide students the foundation and ability to think critically, analyze and solve problems. 

If you took +2 Management, then the above-listed Courses are some degrees you can take up.

What to study after 12 Management in Nepal? Good luck!

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