Steps to Apply Nepali National Identity Card Online

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What is a National Identity Card? 

A national identity card is a portable document that belongs to a specific person in order to prove their identity. An Identity card carries information that is digitally stored. An Identity card consists of information that is unique to the person, in this case; biometrics ( iris, fingerprint recognition). This verifies the legibility of a person’s identity and prevents identity theft. Each country has its own national identification card. 

Digitalization has made our lives easier as we can do many things through the internet. Similarly, we can also apply for the national identity card for Nepal via online means. The following steps below show you how you can apply for Nepali National Identity Card online.

How to apply Nepali National Identity Card Online

So, here are the steps to apply for a Nepali national identity card online. It is very easy to apply online if you have an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop.

  •  First of all, you will have to open the NID Pre Enrollment Website. You can do it by clicking the following link.
  •  Select the option to login for Individuals
Login page to apply Nepali national identity card online
  • You will need to enter your mobile number in the following page where you will be sent an OTP ( One Time Password ), fill it up and you will be redirected to a new page.

Each number for your OTP should be unique only to you. Do not use someone else’s phone number to fill out your National Identity Card. 

  •  In the Pre-Enrollment page, you will need to select New Enrollment option.
  • You will now need to fill out the required information for your identity card. Keep in mind that the information filled here is sensitive and should not be fake. The fields with * with them are mandatory.

Important things to consider while filling up the form

  •  Only correct information will have to be written in the fields.
  •  Your Information will automatically be converted into Devanagari when typing in the Nepali field.
  • For citizenship type, most citizenships are made under citizenship of decent.
  • Appointment details should be precise. 

    Tip: Do not add your ward information in the appointment section before the biometric appointment location. The system will search for the availability of biometric facility in the ward. Ward no. is not necessary so you can leave it empty. 

Appointment Details

Note: The above information is entirely for show, please refer to your original and legal information.

You can select the option to save your information as a draft for future use too. 

On a phone? Click the following link and fill-up the form as shown above.

Learn More

    • The National Identity Card of Nepal is a federal-level identification document that may be obtained by Nepali nationals based on their biometric and demographic information.

    • The data for the identification card is gathered by The National ID Card Management Centre which is under the control of the Home Ministry and formed by the government of Nepal.

    • Each card will have the bearer’s 10 fingerprints, unique identification number, and other personal information.

    • The identity card can work as a citizenship due to its unique identification number.

    • The identification card can also serve as a person’s voter identification card, and social security card, but cannot be used in place of passport or driver’s license.

    • The identity card can work as a citizenship due to its unique identification number.

    • The identification card can also serve as a person’s voter identification card, and social security card, but cannot be used in place of passport or driver’s license.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NID card application?
Citizens of Nepal are provided with a National Identification (ID) Card as a form of identification. The NID Card has a chip inside that houses the holder’s biometric and personal data.
Is Citizenship replaced by ID card?
For now, citizenship and ID cards are independent of each other and carry significance of their own. Soon, the ID card may override citizenship cards when many people get their ID cards.

How can I get national ID card in Nepal?
You can get your national ID card by following the steps mentioned above. 
National ID cards are now required for e-passports and other vital documents. You can know your National ID card number by sending an SMS too.  The procedures below must be followed in order to receive the unique number for your National ID Card by SMS:

  • Start the messaging program on your phone.
  • Fill in the 16-digit application number with a space.
  • Message to 30001. 

For instance, you would enter N 1234567890000000 and submit it to 30001 if your application number was 1234567890000000.

You will then get an SMS with your special National ID number in it. If you still do not receive it, you may WhatsApp the Department using several province-specific contacts. 

Where do we get National IDs from?
The government institutions are now gathering personal information from persons who qualify for National IDs. The District Administration Office of the relevant district or other locations specified by the DoNIDCR issues these cards once they are ready.

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